What is the NFL? The NFL stands for the National Football League and is the main American football organization. 32 teams make up the NFL and are part of either one of two conferences the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. The conferences don’t differ by match except that each has four geographical team divisions with each division being made up of four teams. The teams engage in a season schedule consisting of 16 games that start from divisional games, to intra-conference and finally, inter-conference games. As one of most popular sports organizations in the world, the NFL organizes a championship game dubbed the ‘Super Bowl’ which is a major sports event that is shown by networks and includes a halftime music show and major advertisements.

The History of the Professional Sports Organization

The NFL, premier league was first formed in the 1910s and started as a regional league for Midwestern teams before slowly growing to become the major league and organization during the first half of the 20thcentury. Finally in 1969, the league assimilated its rival league to become the sole league and major sports organization for professional American Football in the U.S. Indeed NFL sports is at the moment considered the most watched sport in the U.S.

NFL Season Schedule

The NFL’S season runs from September to December. After the regular season, 6 teams are taken from each conference consisting of the four division winners and an additional 2 wild cards. The 6 teams from each conference advance to playoffs which refer to a single elimination tournament that culminates into the Super Bowl, an event held in February played between the emerging champions of both conferences on the first Sunday. The Super Bowl is considered one of the most televised and the most watched television clubs according to the Nielsen’s tally of the all-time most watched TV broadcasts in the U.S. Players in the NFL belong to the National Football League Players Association. Pittsburgh Steelers is the team that has won the most Super Bowl championships with a current total of six Super Bowl championships.

American Football Technique

American football rules can seem rather daunting to a new comer, but there are basics that you should grasp quite easily. The game is played between two teams each consisting of 11 players on one field for a duration of four 15 minute periods. There is a 12 minute half-time interval and 3time-outs per each half of the period for each of the teams. The game is played by moving the ball into the other team’s end zone by running with it until the player is tackled or by passing around the ball to a teammate. The key player is called the quarterback and he is the one that dictates play. The rules of scoring remain the same although with every season the NFL makes a few changes to the attire, the rules and the penalties to improve the game and make the league more efficient.

Want Cheap End of Tenancy Cleaning? Learn to Negotiate

Dealing with end of tenancy cleaners is something you will have to do once in a while in your life as a tenant. This is if you want to keep getting back your tenancy deposits. This will be most likely a standard condition that you have to clean the house as you move out.

Some people attempt to sidestep professional cleaners in favour of a DIY cleaning job. This ends up disastrously in many instances with the landlord disputing the job, and withholding the tenancy deposit. You can avoid all this by learning to negotiate for cheap end of tenancy cleaning services, and get the job professionally done each time you move.

Get a referral and negotiate

Do you know a friend or colleague who has recently moved? Ask them about their end of tenancy cleaning. If they used a cleaning service which did a good job, ask for the contacts. Call the cleaning service and tell them you have been referred and you would like to give them work as long as they ask for an affordable charge. You can go a step further and tell them your friend is moving in the future as well and you would spread the good word about them.

Play them against each other

There are hundreds of cleaning services advertising their services on newspaper, social media, pole posters etc. Note down 5-7 which look competent enough. You can sift them by eliminating those that do not pick up your call promptly.

As for a price quote over the phone, describing the house to be cleaned as best as possible, so that the quote can be closely accurate. Take the price you get and use it to negotiate with the next cleaning service you call. Sales agents will be willing to give you cheap end of tenancy prices if you sound knowledgeable about prices.

Offer to do some of the work

The fees you are charged will largely depend on the scope of work. You can opt to handle some of the tasks and leave the cleaning service to handle the more difficult tasks. Simpler tasks include washing the dishes, picking up pet litter, dusting the furniture etc. The cleaning service can then handle more difficult tasks like cleaning the ceiling, washing off floor stains, and cleaning under heavy furniture.

Going to the cleaning service with a lighter task list gives you the opportunity to negotiate. Getting cheap end of tenancy cleaning is not very difficult. Deploy these few tricks and get affordable cleaning.

Benefits of Hiring End of Tenancy Cleaners

Moving out is usually stressful for most people including the property owners due to the numerous things you need to handle correctly.

If you had rented the house, you must ensure the place is clean and in good condition to be reimbursed your deposit or safety bond by your landlord. Hiring a professional tenancy cleaner can be crucial in ensuring the property is sparkling clean.

They Will Ensure Deep and Thorough Cleaning

Though you can do the job by yourself, hiring an end of tenancy cleaner will ensure you receive the best and professional services. Apart from dusting and mopping; these professionals use various equipment to do deep cleaning of the property. Besides, you may enjoy the services of disinfecting your place to ensure your home is free of any disease.

Spend Time with Friends and Family

Instead of wasting your precious weekend time scrubbing and dusting the place, you can hire an end of tenancy cleaner to do the job for you. You can then spend the best time with your family while professionals handle all the cleaning. In addition to that, you are sure that the condition of the property will be high quality before the next vacating time.

They Help In Removing Tough Stains

Apart from doing the usual cleaning process, these professionals will ensure they remove all the tough stains from the wall, carpet and any areas of your property that may cause the dissatisfaction of the new tenant or homeowner. It is challenging to make sure these stains are no more if we do the job by ourselves.  Consider utilizing the services of a qualified and professional end of tenancy cleaner.

Reduces Stress Levels

Instead of stressing yourself out in doing all the cleaning, why don’t you assign the job to a professional? It will help you in focus on other essential tasks of your life comfortably especially if you have other properties to manage.

They are ideal for older residents

The services of a professional end of tenancy cleaners can be significant for those elderly residents who are not I a position of cleaning the property by themselves. All you are required is to make an appointment with the company and leave the tedious job to them. Why crack your old bones with such work?

Save money

Do you have the money to buy all the cleaning equipment? Well, if not, consider hiring that professional end of tenancy cleaner and save your money and time. Besides, professional cleaners have high power cleaning agents and devices that will offer top-notch services.

How Long Should an NFL Player Expect His Career to Last?

According to the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), on average, a player should expect to turn up for his team for three-and-a-half-years. This helps to explain why most players negotiate hard for the best contracts they can get. They have roughly 42 months to make enough money to cushion themselves financially for more years to come. Without a solid financial base, they risk falling into hard times financially.

New players enter the NFL job market each year.

NFL is a highly competitive league.

Challenges of playing consistently at the top

Players have to try to fit into their teams system of play. They have to do whatever is humanly possible to stay off the injury list. They have to fend for their families. They have to be in top physical shape. They have to show they are worthy of a place in the team ahead of new players or their current colleagues. Laxity is not the kind of luxury or option an NFL player can afford to entertain. Otherwise, his career may die before hitting the third year.

The three major reasons that shorten an NFL player’s career are:

  1. Injury
  2. Early retirement
  3. Laid off by the team

Shortest Careers

How long a player’s career lasts depends on the position he plays.

Those with the shortest careers tend to be:

  • Running backs
  • Wide receivers
  • Cornerbacks

As you may have deduced from that list, players with the shortest careers tend to be those who run a lot or hit other players a lot, or are themselves hit by other players a lot. On the average, a running back will play for around 2.57 years. On the other hand, a wide receiver’s career will last an average of 2.81 years. A cornerback will play at the top level an average of 2.94 years. After these many years, the player’s body can no longer function at optimal levels.

Longest Careers

Players who suffer the least hits by other players tend to enjoy the longest careers. Here, kickers and punters reign supreme. On average, they expect to play for roughly 4.87 years. Similarly, quarterbacks also enjoy a relatively longer career compared to their other colleagues. The career of a quarterback will generally last 4.44 years. Many NFL players cannot overcome the mental fear of playing longer than these average years.

However, a look at the NFL history will show you that many players have enjoyed careers lasting more than five years. Seven players have played for 20 seasons or longer. That is an anomaly. Therefore, players should be ready for anything. Be mentally prepared to play at the top level of a few years only. That way, you will not feel disappointed in case your career ends prematurely.

What Level of Education does a Player Need to Join and Play for an NFL Team?

Can a player join the National Football League (NFL) straight from high school? That’s a question that most young players ask a lot. NFL considers education just as important as physical attributes and the ability to play the game. It is just as important as hitting the practice field and going to the gym to keep yourself in prime condition to play. One has to satisfy a few collegiate regulations to be considered worthy of an NFL contract.

NFL only signs players from colleges.

They will take notice of you if you are in high school and show signs of being a highly talented player. However, no NFL club will approach you with a contract at that stage of your education. The clubs will only show interest and make the initial contact with you the moment you join college. In this regard, it differs from two of the major professional sports in the United States; namely, ice hockey and baseball.

Top ice hockey and baseball teams will sign you straight from high school.

With NFL, being in college isn’t enough. You have to satisfy other conditions as well to qualify to play for any NFL team. One, you have to play for your college football team for not less than three seasons. College football is quite competitive. It offers the closest standards to what you can get at NFL. Two, the only time the NFL teams can sign you if you haven’t been to college yet is when you graduated from high school more than three years.

Why does NFL use education as a factor of determining whether to sign a player?

Typically, a career in NFL will last an average of 3.5 years. Such players often have to contend with the likelihood of experiencing a major injury that could kill their careers. When this happens, the injured player will most probably fall into a financial mess. Without a different career option to fall back to, the injured player will face a bleak future. College education offers the players the different career option they need in case a major injury derails their NFL career.

NFL players do not make as much money as their colleagues in NBA, MLB, and NHL. On average, NBA players earn the most. They make $5.15 million a year. MLB players earn $3.2 million per year. NHL players earn $2.4 million per year. For their part, NFL players earn an average of $1.9 million each year. They earn less yet face the biggest risk of suffering an injury. Obviously, the best players will make more than these average rates.

Therefore, anybody interested in playing NFL should take college education seriously.