What is the NFL? The NFL stands for the National Football League and is the main American football organization. 32 teams make up the NFL and are part of either one of two conferences the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. The conferences don’t differ by match except that each has four geographical team divisions with each division being made up of four teams. The teams engage in a season schedule consisting of 16 games that start from divisional games, to intra-conference and finally, inter-conference games. As one of most popular sports organizations in the world, the NFL organizes a championship game dubbed the ‘Super Bowl’ which is a major sports event that is shown by networks and includes a halftime music show and major advertisements.

The History of the Professional Sports Organization

The NFL, premier league was first formed in the 1910s and started as a regional league for Midwestern teams before slowly growing to become the major league and organization during the first half of the 20thcentury. Finally in 1969, the league assimilated its rival league to become the sole league and major sports organization for professional American Football in the U.S. Indeed NFL sports is at the moment considered the most watched sport in the U.S.

NFL Season Schedule

The NFL’S season runs from September to December. After the regular season, 6 teams are taken from each conference consisting of the four division winners and an additional 2 wild cards. The 6 teams from each conference advance to playoffs which refer to a single elimination tournament that culminates into the Super Bowl, an event held in February played between the emerging champions of both conferences on the first Sunday. The Super Bowl is considered one of the most televised and the most watched television clubs according to the Nielsen’s tally of the all-time most watched TV broadcasts in the U.S. Players in the NFL belong to the National Football League Players Association. Pittsburgh Steelers is the team that has won the most Super Bowl championships with a current total of six Super Bowl championships.

American Football Technique

American football rules can seem rather daunting to a new comer, but there are basics that you should grasp quite easily. The game is played between two teams each consisting of 11 players on one field for a duration of four 15 minute periods. There is a 12 minute half-time interval and 3time-outs per each half of the period for each of the teams. The game is played by moving the ball into the other team’s end zone by running with it until the player is tackled or by passing around the ball to a teammate. The key player is called the quarterback and he is the one that dictates play. The rules of scoring remain the same although with every season the NFL makes a few changes to the attire, the rules and the penalties to improve the game and make the league more efficient.

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