Dealing with end of tenancy cleaners is something you will have to do once in a while in your life as a tenant. This is if you want to keep getting back your tenancy deposits. This will be most likely a standard condition that you have to clean the house as you move out.

Some people attempt to sidestep professional cleaners in favour of a DIY cleaning job. This ends up disastrously in many instances with the landlord disputing the job, and withholding the tenancy deposit. You can avoid all this by learning to negotiate for cheap end of tenancy cleaning services, and get the job professionally done each time you move.

Get a referral and negotiate

Do you know a friend or colleague who has recently moved? Ask them about their end of tenancy cleaning. If they used a cleaning service which did a good job, ask for the contacts. Call the cleaning service and tell them you have been referred and you would like to give them work as long as they ask for an affordable charge. You can go a step further and tell them your friend is moving in the future as well and you would spread the good word about them.

Play them against each other

There are hundreds of cleaning services advertising their services on newspaper, social media, pole posters etc. Note down 5-7 which look competent enough. You can sift them by eliminating those that do not pick up your call promptly.

As for a price quote over the phone, describing the house to be cleaned as best as possible, so that the quote can be closely accurate. Take the price you get and use it to negotiate with the next cleaning service you call. Sales agents will be willing to give you cheap end of tenancy prices if you sound knowledgeable about prices.

Offer to do some of the work

The fees you are charged will largely depend on the scope of work. You can opt to handle some of the tasks and leave the cleaning service to handle the more difficult tasks. Simpler tasks include washing the dishes, picking up pet litter, dusting the furniture etc. The cleaning service can then handle more difficult tasks like cleaning the ceiling, washing off floor stains, and cleaning under heavy furniture.

Going to the cleaning service with a lighter task list gives you the opportunity to negotiate. Getting cheap end of tenancy cleaning is not very difficult. Deploy these few tricks and get affordable cleaning.

Want Cheap End of Tenancy Cleaning? Learn to Negotiate

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